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Aduddell Industries is a leader in the commercial roofing industry nationwide. Tim Aduddell founded Aduddell Roofing in Oklahoma City in 1976. The company was established on a foundation of three core values: Integrity, Quality and Safety.

At Aduddell, we offer a broad range of comprehensive roofing services, which include re-roofing, restoration and repair, new roof construction and sheet metal fabrication.  Aduddell also offers waterproofing and concrete restoration services. Successful from its beginning, by 1996 Aduddell achieved $12 million a year in sales and continued to grow, reaching $78 million in annual sales by 2008. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best roofing systems available. In addition, our staff has the knowledge to recommend and install the most appropriate and cost effective solution for any client across the United States and beyond.

We consistently achieve our goals for on-time management, positive production and successful completion of every project. Tim insists that every Aduddell worker is a highly skilled professional. The finest materials and continuing training mean every job is performed to the rigorous standards that have won Aduddell industry-wide acclaim for quality and safety.

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Aduddell Industries
A Division of Brock Logistics
1439 Bassett Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461-2309

Main Phone: (347) 380-9051
Fax: (347) 380-9061
Email: tima@aduddell.com